Give Back Program

How Can We Implement a Give Back Program? Transparency

Our limited overhead allows us to give back a significant portion of our profits to you. By focusing on just two industries and minimizing our marketing and sales efforts, we have created a highly efficient business model. Due to our unique market position, we have negotiated with banks to offer a lower set rate than any other merchant in the industry. Our customers are not overcharged or burdened with extra fees to cover the costs of the Team Give Back Program. There are no hidden or additional costs, period. Our goal was to create a platform for companies to give back to their riders and teams in an unprecedented way. We aim to pioneer this program within the industry.

How the Team Give Back Program Works

The Team Give Back program functions similarly to a rebate, with the distinction that it involves SXM Merchant giving back a significant percentage of their profits to the company. The purpose of the Team Give Back program is to generate internal funding that can be used to support the growth of the motocross/supercross team, reduce their budget, and address the challenges they face in securing sponsorship funds. You have full access to the Team Give Back Program account, enabling you to monitor the increasing amounts each month. At the end of the first year, you can withdraw the funds; in the second year, withdrawals can be made quarterly; and in the third year, withdrawals can be made monthly.